Before I write anymore I need to let folks know that the healing steps I’ve mentioned so far did not spring forth without a lot of struggle and reflection. Most of all, these are God’s ideas. They were pretty much given to me.
By frugal I mean it’s important to recognize what I can and cannot afford, emotionally and practically.
For example, I cannot afford
– To be forever sad and down in my socks
to stay cooped up in the house. Isolation leads to depression. I won’t have it.
– To imagine I am the only one in the world to experience mind-numbing sadness
to indulge in envy. That doesn’t mean I don’t experience it, just that I can’t afford to stay in it. If I did that I would miss out on God’s good gifts for me right now.
– To go off at people I love just because they don’t respond the way I want. Not only is that rude but it damages precious relationships.
– To acknowledge the date with great sadness every single year. There are many significant dates that creep up and try to ambush me with joys remembered, forever gone (it would seem). Songwriters call these moments bittersweet, and that’s about right. I cannot afford to dwell on them, so I recall God’s promise in 1 Corinthians 13:8, “Love never ends”. I am certain we will see our loved ones again.

God helps us. Trusting Him is difficult in the beginning, but He always comes through. I keep on seeking Him, just like Job did. I believe that God loves us and wants us to have full access to Him. He gives us Himself in His Word and also in His presence during quiet times. I strive to “Fear not, only believe.”

Next I will reflect on the Problem of Time