Never say Never

We often have the tendency to think that no one shares our situation. This may be especially true after a shattering loss. The truth is, of course, countless people have lost loved ones and struggled with the ongoing pain afterwards. Many still struggle. That’s the main reason I’m writing this blog, to encourage us all!

Back to an idea that came into my head recently...Don’t Exclude Yourself from the Good Stuff!

I once worked at a plant that made steam boilers, which they shipped all over the country. This was perhaps the most interesting job I’ve ever had. I helped make and revise drawings for the boiler specs. There was a man in our office named Kelly, who had experienced a debilitating accident when he worked on the floor of the plant. Doctors said he would probably never work again. Through courage and perseverance, however, he proved them wrong and became a designer in the office, so his extensive experience was put to excellent use. His motto was “Never say never”!

So, don’t exclude yourself from any good thing. Don’t ever think you are too young, too old, too alone, or too ill for good things to come your way! All things are possible with God.

If you are content the way you are that’s fine, but if you are seeking a companion, take your requests to the Lord. He hears you and he cares. I am learning patience in this, as in all things.


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