Cooking is Love

My son is back here in Virginia for a visit, after years of residing on the West Coast, so I’m getting to know him all over again. After several years of living alone, I now have another adult to consider!
One of the biggest adjustments for me is the kitchen protocol. My son worked in restaurants for a period of time, and he’s very familiar with how things should be done to eliminate germs and cross-contamination of food. Me, I’ve just been a working mom for years, and so established my own routine, in my small kitchen. Paul made it clear there were some bad habits I needed to break.
Patience is a gift of the Spirit, thank God! Without it I never could have kept my cool while learning a new protocol. I had to remind myself that I love this person, and he is right most of the time. Also, he undertakes the cooking chores most days.

As a cook, I generally wing it. After forty-some years of cooking for the family, I figured I know lots about it. (I’ve since found out I was wrong in several areas.) When my son cooks, however, he follows a recipe. To me, some of these are complex. The only dish he doesn’t need a recipe for is veggie and chicken burritos since he has made it many times.

I love Paul’s burritos! The other day, I decided it was time for me to take on more of the cooking chores, while my son went for a hike along the river. I had watched him make them, all the steps, but I was nervous, so asked him to tell me again while I took notes. The biggest challenge for me was the chicken prep. Real chefs know that raw chicken is loaded with bacteria and demands careful, respectful handling. It was a shock to discover that I had been doing chicken wrong for decades! Paul talked while I took notes, as the sun dropped lower in the sky. Good thing this was a local hike.

As soon as Paul was out the door, I cranked up my Chuck Berry station on Pandora and began to prep the. vegetables. I was having fun! Everything goes better with music. The vegetables were ready for roasting and it was
time to sauté the chicken. The olive oil was hot in the skillet, the raw chicken waited in the fridge. I remembered most of Paul’s lesson and dove in.

In awhile, I heated the tortillas. Then Paul came in and helped me deal with the avocado, a tricky job. I rolled the tortillas–perfectly! They were yummy, and the veggies were and good and flavorful. The chicken was tender! So, I found that this mom still has the knack. !!

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