Goals and Tasks

About two years ago, with grief still looming on my horizon,

an idea occurred to me: I was out walking one lovely day in late summer, when it hit me: “Sue, you need to set a couple of new goals”. Right away I knew what those goals would be. I need people, so I decided to meet as many new folks as I could. I need exercise, so I thought of training for a 5K event. (Not that I would actually have to sign up for one, just train for it. And I would walk, not run!)
These goals pleased me. I found a new group at the senior center that helped me to work with my hands again. They knit and crochet for charity, and they are delightful, generous people. As to the 5K effort, turns out I did participate in one locally, on October 30, and completed it! Finishing well toward the end of the pack, I was proud as anything.

Tasks are different from goals and not nearly as much fun. But recognizing and dealing with them made me feel better. Tasks, as you know, are things like dishes in the sink or the clutter in the bedroom. Household maintenance issues, like replacing the flapper valve or the entire commode, are surely tasks, ones I would really rather put off!

People who succeed at these kinds of things say the key is taking one task a day. (Unless the task is something major like replacing the commode or getting the house rewired.) I don’t always do this, but when I do I find it lightens my load immensely.

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