Tigger in his own Write

Normally, mom is a pleasant, affectionate white haired lady, but sometimes my behavior can trigger an alarming change. This is when she becomes what I call the Party of No. Teeth bared and eyes blazing, she comes after me, voice raised with the NO word! NO jumping onto the counter, NO walking on the table, NO drinking from her cup, NO biting during play, etc. etc. This was a huge puzzle to my younger self; now I’ve gotten used to it ‘cuz I know she’s really not going to kill me.
I know mom loves me because she feeds me, lets me alone when I sleep, and only pulls my tail when I have escaped outdoors. (She calls it the Handle.)
Its a good thing I didn’t know Mom when she was a kitten. I understand she was hard on cats. Black & white Tippy used to disappear into the basement for days just to escape her! Especially after she was forced to wear doll clothes, and ride in a carriage in a Fourth of July parade! (Don’t ask how I know these things that happened before I was born; I’m a cat.) Time for a nap now. I may check in later….Regards, Tigger

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