What is it anyway? For me, Work is an activity with purpose that I apply myself to with a good amount of focus and perseverance. Work usually involves service, either to myself or to others. And I find that Work gives meaning to my days, gives me hope and a purpose!
Grieving is also called work sometimes, for good reason. Grieving is a job, it’s a job we can’t put off. If we try to do that, the blues will sneak up on us and sabotage our day. So I have to tend to the grief work. Just like “real” work, we can pace ourselves in grief, so we are not overwhelmed.
All of this writing is part of my grief work. It helps me process my thoughts and feelings and discover that I am growing through it. Every day is not the same. I hope these ideas will help someone else who is struggling.

Here is a delightful idea that helps me. I read somewhere that Play is children’s Work. They learn and grow through it, becoming stronger physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Work can be enjoyable, as we learn from it. Although work is productive, it is not something someone makes us do. AND work is not necessarily connected with money. Work can be service to others or even to myself. Lately I consider writing to be my work, because it is therapeutic and a service to myself.

August 2020 – While going through my notes I found a quote from Henry David Thoreau commenting that “Man needs not something to do with, but something to do.” In other words, our life is not about things but about purpose!

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