Tigger here, Again

I always knew Mom was trainable!  She's smart and she listens to me.  Her biggest milestone lately is learning to trust me outdoors!  Right after she mastered that, she stopped pulling my tail to get me back in.  I'm working on getting her to listen for my mewing so I can come in. 
Mom adopted me when I was five months old.  It was springtime and my foster Mom let us all hang out in the yard, sweet!  We had each other to romp with as well as a ready food supply.  Once spring came, we were like never inside.  Momma taught us to climb trees.  What a rush that was!  Now there were all kinds of new hunting possibilities. 

I think Mom wanted me to be indoor-outdoor for a long time, but her friends told her that awful things would happen to me if I were allowed out: fleas, traffic, catnappers, etc.  Then one day Mom was chatting with a lady she goes walking with.  The lady has a cat named Gideon, who is also a lady (Go figure!  What's a girl cat doing with a macho name like Gideon?)  She told Mom Gideon does fine outdoors, even crosses streets, and of course comes in at dinnertime.  I think that helped clear the way for my new life! 

One thought on “Tigger here, Again”

  1. After I moved to my house in 1973, I lost three cats in rapid succession: two to the street that runs by my property and one to a cat-napper, I think. Each one was a heartbreak. My current cat got out through the dog door without asking permission and continues to be an indoor/outdoor cat. He has kept safe for the past 12 years–he knows to stay away from the street. All I can say is, it’s a dilemma and not all cats are equally savvy.

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