A New Kind of Challenge

Today we are in the midst of a situation we had never anticipated and were not prepared for: a global pandemic. The whole world is dealing with it, trying to control its spread and flatten the curve of new cases. Some people compare it to the seasonal flu, but COVID19 is much worse. It is a “sticky virus” and not to be conquered by our immune systems, since no one has yet been found with a natural immunity. Hospitals in many places are overwhelmed with COVID19 patients. But you have probably heard all of this and more, since the United States is over 5 months into this experience. Our task now is to control the spread. Wearing face coverings seems to help, as does not congregating in public places like restaurants. I worry that this is a critical time for us, since many places are opening again.
So what’s my point? I’m hoping we will have conversations about this, that we will listen as well as talk. I admit that I am often quick to jump into a conversation with my opinion without listening to a person. So how could I respond intelligently to what they have to say? I hate this habit of mine! What I need to do is ask questions that will clarify both my thoughts and theirs. I could write letters too ,that will exercise my brain and order my thoughts.

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