Walk a Mile…

I would walk a mile for a good conversation”, I’ve been telling myself for several months now. Last November I found a good conversation and didn’t have to walk a mile!
A good conversation doesn’t have to be a long one, and it might be with a total stranger. That’s what happened on this particular Tuesday noon. I was at the laundromat. The place was empty except for one young gentleman and myself. He was loading the washer next to mine as I unloaded my finished wash. It seemed only neighborly to speak, so I said, “the never ending chore, eh?” His answer was more than I expected:
“It’s all good though, helps to clear the mind. Getting clean clothes and a clean start. Things don’t matter so much.”
Wow, how true. I said something like, “Yes, beautiful!” before going on my way, full of gratitude at how amazing people can be.

My Howard could make people laugh with his outrageous stories, most of which were true. Folks also loved is hearty laugh and remembered it after he was gone.
When he was ill, the daughter of some good friends, wrote him a note of encouragement in which she recalled his special laugh. This was one of the last gifts he received, and priceless, in my view. Yep, people are amazing.

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