The challenges of living today are enormous. So much is required of us, especially in the area of communication. We are bombarded with information, so we’re constantly weeding and sorting: Truth from lies, value from garbage, friends from foes, threats from opportunities, hope from fear. These challenges increased exponentially with the advent of the internet. We have an explosion of information and a whole herd of new options, which means thousands more decisions every week or oftener. These are days that test our mettle.

And now we have a global pandemic. This can make us fearful and a bit more selfish and protective. Yet, I read recently about a business owner who voluntarily closed his bar for the second time, to help control the spread of COVID19. He considers it a community service and a necessary precaution.

My heart aches for those who have lost their jobs. I’ve been in that situation too, over the years, and I remember the feeling of desperation. Still, I pray that we will all learn to accept some sacrifices for the sake of our communities. I believe that Community, like Faith, is at the heart of the positives that will help us work together and survive.
If you know of a story of community effort you would like to share, I invite you to add your comments! And thanks.

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