Steve’s Folks

After Steve died, I mentioned to his brother that I knew his dad would have an empty place in his life, too. And in his weeks, because he used to invite Steve and myself over for lunch fairly often.
Jerry suggested I visit his dad, so I did. I found the visits a real comfort to me, too. The conversation ranged from gun control policy to the origin of American regional dialects and family connections. I got to see quite a few family photos, including one of Steve smiling broadly at a family reunion.

Sometimes I would bring Gerald the results of my attempts at sugar-free baking, and we would discuss methods, since Gerald is already accomplished at this. When I left for home, he would often give me a little token of friendship. My favorite is a little booklet from Salesian Missions entitled “Never Alone”. Inside is a wealth of poetry affirming God’s love and presence. I will always treasure this – it lifts my spirits. ~

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