Human connections are important and meeting new people is fun.
Networks are useful in business, of course. There was a time in my life when it seemed I was always looking for a job. I worked as a contract engineering tech, and it was not steady work.

I’ve found networks are just as important in maintaining social engagement, generally. I’m referring not only to friendships but also to social connections that can become adventures in themselves and conduits for learning.
One day recently I decided I wanted to meet some writers. I mentioned this casually to a woman in my Bible study. She immediately suggested a name and a way to reach the person.

There’s more. Once I contacted the woman – who is a writer, a teacher and a mom – we met at a local pub to chat. She told me about the James River Writers, a dedicated group of writers I did not even know existed. So here was a whole bunch of people dedicated to promoting reading and writing in the Richmond metro area!

I’ve been to several of their events and even participated in their annual writers’ conference, which was held online this year. This is a wonderful group, nothing slows them down, not even a global pandemic. I applaud them for their dedication and accomplishments. ~

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