Help Heal Veterans – a worthy cause

So here is another unopened envelope on top of my pile. Better tend to it now. Well look, it’s from Help Heal Veterans, a support group that Howard used to participate in. They do one thing: provide therapy kits which allow veterans to use their hands and minds. This activity encourages them and helps them heal in many ways, even saving their lives. Today, because of isolation resulting from the current quarantine, demand for these kits has exploded.

I got choked up as I read through the many thank-you messages from veterans. They are so grateful that they’re not forgotten. Their messages are short, like this one from Taylor:
“Coming home from Iraq was even harder than being there. The therapy kits have helped me more than I can say.”

“I’ve been hospitalized four times. The therapy kits you sent pulled me through.” – Anne

How amazing to realize that such a simple program means so much!
If you would like to be involved, go to Oh – if you makea donation by March 30, they will double it!