Work and Life

I worked outside our home for many years, and except for the commuting, I enjoyed it. I held a variety of jobs and learned a new skill at each one. I met all sorts of people. That aspect has proven to be the most valuable, over the years. I was shy growing up, but got over it once I began working. There was so much to learn, and this required interacting with folks.

I changed jobs often. The reason for that was because I worked in a field — engineering — where it was more expedient to hire temps than permanent employees. As a result, there arose the phenomenon of “job shops”, agencies devoted to finding and hiring skilled engineering support people and paying them well. I was happy to discover that my drawing ability could finally land me a decent job. Only problem was, as I mentioned, these jobs were temporary. The many changes proved benficial for me, however. I learned to be flexible and to communicate with all kinds for people. It turned out to be kind of fun, except for the interruptions in income.

This is meant to encourage you, as well. If you are out of work right now, don’t despair. I have been down that road many times. You have value for your next employer! Try this: Write yourself a letter bragging on all your positive qualities. Are you great at math? Are you a whiz at organizing things (people, tasks)? Are you a talker who can sell anything? Do you enjoy young children and relate well to them? Can you multitask? Do you write well? You clearly don’t need all these qualities, but you do need to recognize what you have and celebrate it. Include a section for actual job experience, too. Once you have your list, find a family member or a good friend to talk to about it. Ask for suggestions. Don’t be scared, their opinions are not the final word, and they may have some good ideas.

You may need additional training in some area. Don’t feak out! This is true for most of us. You have your list of wonderful qualities and skills to encourage you. See about talking to someone at the state Employment Commission, a professional who can help guide you into an area where you may need training. Such a counselor can also guide you to work areas where you may be a fit. And this consultation is free. Happy hunting!