Lesson from Tigger

My cat, Tigger, has great wisdom. He doesn’t talk but he shows me things, even when asleep. One of his favorite mottos (and mine) is: “A nap is an investment in the future”.

Another thing he’s been teaching me is how to FOCUS. Tigger only concentrates on one thing at a time — food, birds, nap, play — giving it his all. I enjoy watching Tigger leisurely study my yard, his wild half acre. After fifteen minutes or so of that I may turn my attention to something else, but Tigger is learning and processing the whole time, even longer. I imagine his brain is full of big plans before he falls asleep.

The other day he brought me a bird, a live and uninjured bird! He was focused on it as it beat its way to the ceiling. I was focused too, finding a towel to throw over it so I could take it outdoors. But Tigger remembered and looked for the bird inside for half an hour.

I know I make things way too complicated, and so become distracted. I dont stay on task. In the morning I do address coffee first thing, and prayer. After that I can become consumed thinking about chores and bills. The other day, however was different. I had recently received a request to paint a picture of a lady’s house, a special thrill! She had sent me a few photos via text message, so I had what I needed to make small preliminary sketches. I started right in around ten and accomplished a lot in a short time. Then I had a better attitude about those chores still facing me. So I’ve learned that if I front load my day with creative activity, even a few minutes worth, it focuses the rest of my day and makes me glad. Thanks Tigger.