Crash the Party?

About two years ago I missed an opportunity: I could have crashed a party! Wish I had done it, although my Howard would probably not have approved. (Not that How did not love a party, he was just more polite and traditional than I. )He was not here, however, and I totally could have done it. To connect with people, even strangers, would have been a fun diversion, a new challenge.

My neighbors up the street, folks I hadn’t met yet, were having a summer afternoon get together. People of all ages were playing in the yard, I could hear their happy squeals. Cars lined the street. I was SO tempted, but my inner mom said “No child, don’t do it”, so I didn’t. I would do things differently now. What’s the worst that could happen? They could throw things and run me off, an unlikely circumstance! It would have been worth the risk, just to meet the folks, oudoors in their yard. And meeting the folks always cheers me up.