You Never Can Tell

My favorite bopper and folk pholosopher is Chuck Berry. Unfortunaterly he has passed away, but his music and his optimism live on. This post begins with one of his titles, “You Never can Tell” because it points back (‘way back) to a circumstance in my personal history.

Over ten years ago I was out of work – again – and looking for ways to start a business doing something I do well, which is teach. Back then I hoped to market myself as a freelance instructor for a new engineering software. Anyway, I talked to a friend’s husband who is a lawyer, about helping me put together a contract. He would not accept payment, so I determined to do something for his family. I decided to make a watercolor of their house. I had been there hundreds of times, and the place carried wonderful memories. It took me several months to complete (due to my inertia) but for quite a few years now this watercolor has graced their front room. My friend said people often admire it . Just recently her neice asked if I would be willing to make a picture of her house! Wow, ten years later! I was not prepared for this kind of marketing success. So now I have softened the watercolors, purchased paper, and visited the lady’s home to get pictures. Now the real work begins, including the job of training my focus. So don’t give up on your dreams. Because hey, you never can tell!

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