“Lets go for coffee!” such welcoming words, especially if you like coffee. For me, coffee warms and inspires. If I am sitting with a friend, the blessing is doubled. I need people, the give and take of conversation, the warmth of company. If I have something on my mind it is important that I talk […]

Something New

I remember a novelist once writing, “The best thing for being sad is to learn something new.” It’s been years since read that story by T.H. White about King Arthur and his mentor Merlin, but I am taking up that challenge now. I find that every new experience and endeavor enlivens my mind and will. […]


Loneliness goes with the territory when you have a loss. There are temporary helps, like a good book or a chat with a friend on the phone. Television may or may not help. When it comes down to it, you feel alone. When that happens, I find it a comfort to lean on the Lord. […]