Coffee II

A few months ago I created a post called “Coffee” about the pleasures of sharing coffee with a friend. Today it occurs to me that I can enjoy similar pleasures when I’m alone, just me, with my hopes and dreams and a cup of joe.

It’s been decades since I lived in Richmond, yet most of those memories are as bright as the adventures I enjoyed back then. I was telling my son about them the other day, and mentioned that I’d like to visit some of the places I never did while living there – Tredegar, the Canal Walk, Brown’s Island – yet which he has visited with friends many times in recent years! So, now I have something to plan for.

Are you alone? Treat yourself to a little private pleasure that God provides. There are only a couple of rules: no negative thoughts, no paperwork chores. Let your thoughts wander like a child. Then plan something, even something small, to look forward to. This is very freeing and it’s good for the mind and soul. And it may lead you to your next creative endeavor.