Lesson from Tigger

My cat, Tigger, has great wisdom. He doesn’t talk but he shows me things, even when asleep. One of his favorite mottos (and mine) is: “A nap is an investment in the future”.

Another thing he’s been teaching me is how to FOCUS. Tigger only concentrates on one thing at a time — food, birds, nap, play — giving it his all. I enjoy watching Tigger leisurely study my yard, his wild half acre. After fifteen minutes or so of that I may turn my attention to something else, but Tigger is learning and processing the whole time, even longer. I imagine his brain is full of big plans before he falls asleep.

The other day he brought me a bird, a live and uninjured bird! He was focused on it as it beat its way to the ceiling. I was focused too, finding a towel to throw over it so I could take it outdoors. But Tigger remembered and looked for the bird inside for half an hour.

I know I make things way too complicated, and so become distracted. I dont stay on task. In the morning I do address coffee first thing, and prayer. After that I can become consumed thinking about chores and bills. The other day, however was different. I had recently received a request to paint a picture of a lady’s house, a special thrill! She had sent me a few photos via text message, so I had what I needed to make small preliminary sketches. I started right in around ten and accomplished a lot in a short time. Then I had a better attitude about those chores still facing me. So I’ve learned that if I front load my day with creative activity, even a few minutes worth, it focuses the rest of my day and makes me glad. Thanks Tigger.

Wait for It!

This is an expression I’ve borrowed from my favorite streaming TV show of a few years back. “Psych” is an outrageous comedic romp featuring two friends who solve crimes for the Santa Barbara Police Department. Their style is unorthodox, their protocol often bungling, to the distress of the Police Chief and her colleagues, who have to rescue them regularly.
“Wait for It” is a new motto for me that applies because I am so very impatient and have been since birth. However, life has taught me I cannot have whatever I want when I want it, whether it is a job, a companion or a new car. I am grateful for that “Come to Jesus moment” that taught me God loves me and provides all I need, including patience.

I chose “Wait for It” from the Psych hero’s lexicon because it is hopeful. Detective Shawn is always looking ahead in anticipation and he’s willing to risk temporary setbacks for future gains. (Most of the time.)

I am an older American, still hoping that certain things will materialize in my life. If anything I should likely tend toward impatience. However, The Lord has told me that attitude will not serve me well. He has plans for me and work for me to do. In recent years I stumbled on this writing gig. (Well, its not a gig yet, but maybe someday soon).

Perhaps a fresh motto will work for you too…”Wait for It”.

It’s to Laugh

I bet you think you’ll never laugh again. Well, guess what, you can.
I am fortunate because I have friends who find humor in life and in themselves. They cheer me and help me heal. Sometimes their humor is a bit irreverent, but that cheers me too, because I know they love me. One dear friend who lost her husband a year after Howard died, said to me, “What’s up with all these men dying? They sure don’t make ‘em like they used to!”
I try to enjoy every encounter where humor is likely to surface. I was with friends one day discussing black snakes. These snakes are harmless to us and they eat pesky rodents, but they have an unnerving habit of coming inside. My friend asked her husband what he would do it he found a black snake under the sofa. He said, “Place an ad, ‘House for sale fully furnished’”

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