Hope and a Future

I wish to write a message for anyone who is grieving. If you have lost someone dear this may be something that will help you. I have walked this way too. My husband died just over 5 years ago. I was accepting the hole in my life and adjusting, more or less, when I met a new love, a gentleman who had also lost his partner. We hit it off almost immediately and began dating. After ten months, my friend died suddenly. I am still reeling from the shock and loss, but by God’s grace have begun developing strategies for healing.

I also hope to entertain you. I know how hard it is to focus, how it is to experience the constant need for distractions from the pain. If my ramblings help even a little I will be very pleased.

I know something of the devastation you are feeling. I can never fully know your grief, but I do know some grief. And I care, so I am writing to let you know there is hope and it is real. No one should have to face grief alone. Don’t assume you do.

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