Writing Saved Me

We are all weary of the pandemic and especially the lockdown it entails.   

Still, has there ever been a time in history when we have had access to so much entertainment and so many ways to communicate with each other? 

 I have a suggestion.  If you are bored or feeling aimless, try writing.  Seriously, no groaning, please.  I’m sharing what works for me when I’m down.  I find that ideas are among the most interesting things around, and that sharing them is stimulating and helps me connect!  This can be important in a time of social distancing.   

I was alone for several years after my husband died, until recently when my son came for a visit.  My motto during that time became, “I would walk a mile for a good conversation”.  I looked for opportunities to talk to folks, craved them, in fact. I visited my local friends often, an option we don’t have today.  Also, I enjoy writing to process my ideas, so I wrote letters and started a journal. 

I encourage you to write your own stories!  Your children and their children may enjoy reading about your life.  

P.S. : If you baulk at the idea of typing, there are some word processing applications, like Word Online, that create your document as you speak.  I just found this dictation feature, so I don’t know what others are out there.  Also, I have not tried it, since I enjoy typing.